• Design

Vuclip Inc recently did a rebranding exercise where they changed their familiar blue logo into a bright sunshine orange and yellow design. As a result of this rebranding, we were given the task of creating their entire internal branding piece. This included their business cards, id cards, letterheads, welcome kits, etc.

The brand has created a set of brand attributes which were to be brought to life with the internal branding exercise. Considering it is a mobile app company, we decided to use the phone and app icons as the route for execution. We created a set of icons which resonated with their brand attributes and used them across collaterals to create a recall and strong association with the attributes. We also kept the design style flat using the color spectrum from their logo.

We were delighted to know that the team very proudly wears their new id cards and flaunts their business card across!

Creative Director: Shweta Thakur

Relationship Manager: Alex Nigli

Design: Shiva Ram