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Vizury is one of the leading companies in India in the space of retargeted ads on web and mobile. They have an extensive portfolio of products and solutions which made the website design process rather complex.

The website was primarily B2B and hence there were many restrictions in terms of the colors and design styles that could be used. It was a very corporate website with a unique slider created with tab like navigation. The design style was clean and minimalistic using primarily shades of blue and grey.

The entire website was created on a WordPress backend. This made the development process slightly tougher since some of the custom created sliders and plugins made the codes go awry at times!

A lot of time was spent by the tech team trying to make the plugins work together seamlessly.


Creative Director: Shweta Thakur

Relationship Manager: Alex Nigli

Design: Nived Jayaprakash, Shivaram

Tech: Roshni Paul, Lakshmikanth V