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Baby & Me is a mother’s nutrition product. The brand came to us on reference for a particular requirement for Mother’s Day. We wanted to do a campaign on Mother’s Day – however the problem was that this space was already too crowded!

So we figured that we should reach out to expecting mothers instead. The thought was that possibly this was the last Mother’s Day when they wouldn’t be a mother. So we decided to bring them into Motherhood in style and pomp.

We created a campaign wherein over a period of 9 days – leading upto Mother’s Day, we would run 9 daily contests which would all focus on educating expectant mothers about their health and nutrition – thereby tying in very strongly with the brand.

We received a great response and the campaign proved to be very successful for the brand.

As part of the deliverables, we had to give a final film which was a case study for what was done. We tried a unique way of using the brand mascot and actual footages of winners on their special day out.


Creative Director: Shweta Thakur

Film: Aditya Mohan

For this particular campaign, we created a contest app wherein a daily contest was made live each day. And everyday, many participants gave in their responses. There was a database created in the backend which gave the brand all the information at the end of the contest.

We also had a gallery page where contestants could see which other users had uploaded their pictures and were participating.