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Madrat Games is one of the few Indian board games manufacturing companies. They came to us with a requirement of completely rebranding their assets which included their logo, packaging, website, etc.

The job at hand was challenging at multiple levels. Board games is a very slow moving space where not too many innovations have been seen in India. The games all look and feel very similar. The objective was to design something intelligent which would appeal to both, the mother and the child. Considering all the games in this range were knowledge based, it was even more imperative to make the brand look smart.

We created the logo with a dice which is a long standing visual for board games – but gave it a cheese cut considering the name of the brand. There was a mascot designed which is hidden inside the logo, thereby creating curiosity amongst kids.

The packaging was given a total twist by changing the shape of the boxes from a rectangular box to a cylindrical one. With the limited space provided by this shape, we had to ensure we included all vital information while keeping a minimalistic look but also showcase the game elements to make it look attractive to the kids. We also redesigned the entire game itself including elements like playing cards, rulebook, etc.

The result was a set of extremely beautiful designs which we hope the kids will love!


Creative Director: Shweta Thakur

Relationship Manager: Alex Nigli

Design: Shiva Ram

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