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Amagi has a very unique service proposition – which is to provide targeting in TV ads. The brief given to us for the redesign of their website was to make it fresh, young and very ‘Amagi’. One of the bigger areas of concern while designing was that they had two distinct business propositions – one for Indian markets and one for International. We needed to create one corporate website which had to be two at the same time!

We came up with a very unique navigation using a TV remote to suggest the nature of business of the corporate. The problem to have two websites within one was also resolved by bringing them together in the TV based UI. And the part we loved the most was the TV screen static which was created as the Home Screen.

The entire website development – domestic and international, was done on a WordPress Backend. It was also a mobile site. Hence the custom designs created by our designers had to be coded in WordPress such that adding sub menu items and content could be done by the Amagi team itself without assistance from the agency.

Unfortunately, with the company rebranding exercise done in September 2014, this website is no longer live! You can have a look at the test link we have of the older version.


Creative Director: Shinoy Thomas

Relationship Manager: Alex Nigli

Design: Nived Jayaprakash, Aditya Mohan

Tech: Roshni Paul, Lakshmikanth V

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